UFT/QTP – Installation

HP has released the latest version of UFT (Unified Functional Testing) – 12.53. The trial/licensed version of this software is available for download now.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to download and install UFT 12.53

Download –

  1. Go to UFT 12.53 download location
  2. Click on “Download Now” button

    Download UFT Link

    Download UFT Link

  3. Fill your details and click “Sign Up” button  –
    Submit your details
  4. Next verify your email.
    Verify Your Email
  5. After verification, login to account
    Login to HP Account
  6. Click ‘More Products’ option and choose ‘Unified Functional Testing (UFT)’ from the list in you account.
  7. Select option ‘Start your free trial’ and click next button.
  8. From two option of download select a full installation package.
    QTP Download Options
  9. UFT 12.53 is less than 1 GB in size. It may take around an hour to download.
  10. Once downloaded, you will get a zip file
  11. Now you need to unzip the archive and the folder contents would be as shown below and execute the Setup.exe.
    QTP File Structure

Installation –

  1. Go to inside the folder of UFT and double click on setup.exe file and click the “Unified Functional Testing Setup” link
    QTP Installation Page
  2. There are many pre-requisites needed for UFT installation. One of them is .NET. You will see following pop-up for software that are required to run QTP. Click OKQTP Pre requestNote: If you do not see this screen , move to step 5
  3. Once installation is done, PC will be automatically rebooted
  4. Again click the setup file
  5. Install the other pre-requisites one by one after the installation will be completed, It will show following window.
    QTP Setup
    NOTE: Until you see the screen above , keep running the setup.exe until all pre-requisites are installed
  6. Click the “Next” button, a license agreement window will appear. Click on the Accept Check box and then click next.
    QTP License Agreement
  7. Select the add-in from this screen which you want to install and Click “Next” button
    QTP Addins
  8. Click on “Install” button to proceed with further installation
    QTP Install Button
  9. Installation will take some time to complete, you will see following screen
    QTP Installation Screen
  10. Once the installation is done, a window will pop showing successful installation of wizard. Uncheck the box highlighted and then click finish
    QTP Installation Finish
  11. Click on the UFT icon created on your desktop
    UFT Icon
  12. License warning window will display click the continue button
    QTP License Warning
  13. Add in Manager pop up window will show – click on all the check box as shown in screen shot and click “OK”
    QTP Add-in Manager
  14. Successful completion of installation a welcome window to UFT will appear
    QTP Welcome Screen
    Finally you will see the UFT start page
    UFT Start page



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