UFT/QTP – Descriptive Programming

When UFT learns an object in application, it adds the appropriate test objects to the object repository along with some description on how to identify that object. UFT cannot take action on an object until it is in the object repository.

Descriptive programming (DP) is used when we want to perform an operation on an object that is not present in the object repository. There are many obvious reasons why an object cannot be in the repository and also why we should use descriptive programming like –

  • When objects in the application are very dynamic.
  • When the Object Repository’s size is big, it results in poor Performance as the size of the Object Repository increases.
  • When the framework is built such that it has been decided not to use Object Repository at all.
  • When testers want to perform an action on the application at run-time without having the knowledge of object’s unique properties.

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DESCRIPTIVE PROGRAMMING IN QTP (UFT) – Also known as Programming Descriptions which Provides a way to perform operations on objects that are not present in OR.