UFT/QTP – Check Points

A checkpoint is one of the options provided by UFT to enhance the script.

Checkpoints are verification points used to compare actual value (actual value is present in the application) with the expected value (Expected value is supposed to be in the application) which can be inserted at any point of time in the script.

Types of Checkpoints

UFT provides the following types of checkpoints:

  1. Standard Checkpoint
  2. Image Checkpoint
  3. Bitmap Checkpoint
  4. Table Checkpoint
  5. Text Checkpoint
  6. Text Area Checkpoint
  7. Accessibility Checkpoint
  8. Page Checkpoint
  9. Database Checkpoint
  10. XML Checkpoint From Application
  11. XML Checkpoint From Source
  12. File Content Checkpoint

Note – Using Standard checkpoint other checkpoints image, page & table can be applied. Read More