UFT/QTP – Quick Test Window

The following figure displays the Quick Test window.

QuickTest window by default will have two tabs – Start page & Test

Start Page – this page is welcome page and contains 4 sections

  • Welcome
  • Process Guidance
  • Recently used Files
  • What’s New

Test -Enables you to create, view and modify your test.

Key Elements in the QuickTest Window

  • Title Bar – Displays the name of the active document
  • Menu Bar – Displays menus of QuickTest commands
  • Tool Bars – Contains buttons to assist you in managing your document.
  • Keyword View – Contains each step and displays the object hierarchy in a modular icon-based table.
  • Expert view (Editor View) – Contains each step as a VBScript line. In object-based steps the VBScript line defines the object hierarchy.
  • Status Bar – Displays the status of the QuickTest application and other relevant information. you can show or hide the panes like Active Screen, Data Table.

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