UFT/QTP – Modes of Recording

HP UFT (QTP) supports 4 types of recording modes

  • Normal Recording : This is the default Recording mode. Normal recording mode records the objects in your application and the operations performed on the application under test.      Navigation: Record >> Record or Record Button or press short key F6
  • Analog Recording : This records not only the keyboard actions but also the mouse movements relative to the screen or the application window.     (Analog Recording Mode should be used only when mouse movement is essential like signatures and drawings)

Navigation: Record >> Record >> Analog Recording or press short key Ctrl+F3

  • Low-Level Recording : This records the exact co-ordinates of the objects independent of the fact whether UFT recognizes the object or NOT. It just records the co-ordinates, hence does NOT record mouse movements.   (Low Level Recording Mode should be used only when exact coordinate of operation is essential)

        Navigation: Record >> Record >> Low-Level Recording or press short key Shift+F3

  • Insight Recording : UFT records operation based on its appearance and NOT based on its native properties.                                                                                                                                                     Navigation: Record >> Record >> Insight Recording



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