UFT/QTP – Recovery Scenario

Recovery Scenario is used to instruct UFT to recover from unexpected events and errors that occur in your testing environment during a run session.

Recovery scenarios are saved in recovery scenario files. A recovery scenario file is a logical collection of recovery scenarios, grouped according to your own specific requirements.


key Elements of Recovery Scenario

Below are the key elements that are part of a Recovery Scenario:

  • Trigger Event: The event that interrupts your run session. For Example – a pop up window or a UFT run error
  • Recovery Operations: The operations to perform to enable UFT to continue running the test after the trigger event interrupts the run session. For Example – Clicking the ok button in pop up window or restarting Microsoft Windows.
  • Post- Recovery Test Run Option: The instructions on how UFT should proceed after the recovery operations have been performed and from which point in the test UFT should continue. For Example – you may want to restart a test from the beginning or skip a step entirely and continue with the next step in test.

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