Selenium – IDE Managing User Interface Controls

In this topic we will understand test automation fundamentals of how a recorded script is replayed and how automation tools recognize objects on the application.

How Does Selenium IDE Replay Scripts?

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Selenium – IDE User Extensions

We can extend Selenium IDE by adding customized actions, assertions and locator-strategies. It is done with the help of JavaScript by adding methods to the Selenium object prototype. On start-up, Selenium will automatically look through the methods on these prototypes, using name patterns to recognize which ones are actions, assertions, and locators.

Let us add a ‘while’ Loop in Selenium IDE with the help of JavaScript. Read More

Selenium – IDE Editing Test Steps and Adding Verification Points

You can not only edit the steps inside the selenium IDE but you can also add new steps or change the sequence of steps inside the IDE itself.

To do that we need to understand the following –

Test Case Table Pane – Your script is displayed in the test case pane. It has two tabs, one for displaying the command and their parameters in a readable “table” format as shown below. Read More

Selenium – Recording and Test Creation Using IDE

The following steps are involved in recording, creating, saving and executing Selenium tests using IDE:

  • Recording and adding commands in a test
  • Saving the recorded test
  • Saving the test suite
  • Executing the recorded test

Recording and Adding Command in a Test

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Selenium – IDE Interface

Step 1. To launch the selenium IDE, open Firefox browser and select Tools > Selenium IDE


Step 2. It opens with an empty script-editing window and a menu for loading or creating new test cases. Read More

Selenium – Installing Firebug and Firepath plug-in

Now we will install  Firefox add-on  Firebug and FirePath.In Selenium, Firebug helps in inspecting UI elements and finding its associated properties and values.

Installing Firebug plug-in

Step 1 – To install Firebug add-ons, open Firefox browser, launch and search for Firebug. Click on Firebug link. Read More

Selenium – Installing IDE

The Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is an easy-to-use Firefox plug-in to develop Selenium test cases. It provides a Graphical User Interface for recording user actions using Firefox which is used to learn and use Selenium, but it can only be used with Firefox browser as other browsers are not supported.

Installing Selenium IDE –

Step 1– Launch Firefox browser and open URL  to download selenium IDE from the SeleniumHQ download page. Read More